Linda Umans

Linda Umans enjoyed a long teaching career in the public schools of New York City where she lives, studies, writes. Recent publications include poems in The Broome Street Review, DIALOGIST, Spillway, Composite {Arts Magazine}, Spiral Orb, Cactus Heart, Carbon Culture, and pieces in Mr. Beller's Neighborhood.


Tapping away out there between the Chevys
glossy they say fuck you    fuck it all
I'm dancing.

If you come out after
huevos mexicanos
and you see them
tapping    between    the    spaces
say fuck it all guys
who you backing for President

and they will glossy answer you.

If you say fuck you glossy sweeties 
they will glossy answer you.


James Dean made me cry
at the Crown Theater in Brooklyn
circa 1955. I never recovered...
the Rebel in his obtuse and stupid family
the sweet loneliness of Sal Mineo
all that heady friendship
and the planetarium scene…well
I owe you, James.

Now so much later than the time
at the Crown Theater
I am in Marfa, Texas
at the Paisano Hotel which is about to be refurbished
for Giant re-appreciation
your DNA all over the place.
(Yours and Elizabeth’s on the stuccoed walls?)
(Yours and Rock’s on the sides of the concrete pool?)
(Yours alone on the original café table?)

James, my Marfa light, brood
and sparkle on.