Mike Andrelczyk

Mike Andrelczyk lives in Strasburg, Pa with his wife. His work has appeared in Fluland, Modern Haiku, decomp, The Bitchin’ Kitsch and elsewhere. His name appears on the title screen of “Major League 2.” Read his collection of 30 haiku “The Celesta Made of Water” at bonesjournal.com.


Once I had the hiccups for 24 hrs
The dr said it was a side effect
From the tonsillectomy
And he prescribed some pills
They were called something like
Something like that
He said the pills were sometimes
Used for people with schizophrenia and
Severe personality disorders
But my problem
,At that time,
Was mostly the hiccups


at the playground near my apartment
there’s a sign that reads:
No Smoking Young Lungs At Play

and whenever I walk by I see them
there they are
prepubescent lungs
legless lungs,
mouthless, eyeless, heartless
lungs breathing
gray and red and pink and dark bluelungs shaking with laughter on the swing set
lungs tumbling down the slide
a bigger set of lungs
shoving a weaker pair of lungs in the dirt
three little lungs rolling on the grass
you can see why I try not to walk by that park too often



think of all your dead dogs the deep black
pools of their trusting

think of all your dead dogs bones
buried in the

think of all your dead dogs and the rain
digging deeper into the

think of all your dead dogs empty leashes
hanging from the door

think of all your dead
dogs wagging their tails
when you come home