Samuel Stevens

Samuel Stevens started dictating stories to his mother as a child, and has been writing ever since. Among his favorite writers and main influences are Ernest Hemingway, Kurt Vonnegut, L.F. Celine, Philip K. Dick, and Joseph Conrad. His short stories and essays have been featured on New Pop Lit, Fluland, and Thermidor Magazine.


The Bank Agent
The bank agent got a call about an old man, a widower, that hadn’t paid his bills in six months and was nowhere to be found. His relatives were dead and his children lived off in the big cities on the coast.

His accounts had run dry. 

The bank agent had to go make a house call. He knew what would greet him at the door.
It was his third call like it this week.

Gambling Addict
George would surprise her with the cruise tickets. She had not liked the diamond earrings last year.  This was going to be the year, he thought, their year. Just like when they were first married.

Woman in the Professions
The guy she’d met last night hadn’t texted her yet. Everyone was getting married, now. She had been a bridesmaid three times. She looked at her close-cropped hair. Her co-workers had told her it was cute.

The Lovers
This was the one, she thought. They lay in bed together even though they did not know what they were doing. He was different from the last four. She smiled at him and they kissed. He stared into her eyes and saw possibility. She told him what he had wanted in a woman. It was new to him being in bed with her. It would be alright in the end, he told himself.