Yuan Changming

Yuan Changming, nine-time Pushcart and one-time Best of Net nominee, published monographs on translation before moving out of China. With a Canadian PhD in English, Changming currently edits Poetry Pacific with Allen Yuan in Vancouver; credits include Best Canadian Poetry, BestNewPoemsOnline, Threepenny Review and others across 38 countries.


You cut meat with sharp knives
    We poke grasses with bamboo sticks

You punch others with hard fists
We dance around you with taichi gestures

    Your men fuck around everywhere outside your houses
Our women lay babies right in your living rooms

You colonize every city with an English syntax
We decorate each street with Chinese signboards

    You deploy aircraft carriers near our waters and coasts
We marry girls to your princes and paupers

You enjoy setting fires and blowing winds along our long walls
We have Chinese stomachs to digest all insults and injuries

You try every way to overthrow our government
    We sell every artifact to help your people survive

You borrow money from us to build more weapons
We work hard to make more money for your banks